ALF InterFACE 2018
April 19-22

Heads .Hearts .Obstacles. Opportunities

Addressing the traumatic and developmental midline challenges in the growing child


Expanding our horizons

Organic evolution

As we communicate and collaborate, additional presenters and contributors will join the InterFACE faculty

Welcome contributions

We are blessed to be part of a community of talented healers and educators.  If you are interested in sharing your gifts with our community in the context of the theme of InterFACE 2018, we would be happy to hear from you.

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Using our heads and hearts to create opportunities for patients with obstacles to wellness

Expanding the ALF Legacy in addressing the traumatic and developmental midline challenges in the growing child.  

Creating opportunities to help childrem recover from traumatic brain injuries, autism, Down's Syndrome and alterations in ideal craniofacial growth

ALF therapy provides a unique solution to complex challenges

Treating patients with ALF and supportive therapies is a unique and impactful solution when addressing structural and neurologic challenges . Injury and developmental  issues often result in the patient either never attaining or losing their relationship to their neurologic midline often resulting functional deficits.  The implemetation of ALF Therapy can greatly benefit  the patient in finding their midline and themselves.

Building a community


The annual ALF InterFACE conference was created to provide an opportunity for advanced problem solving and interdisciplinary training.   It is not a n introductory course on how to use an ALF in your practice.   It is designed to help the ALF provider be a better clinician and healer by understanding that multifaceted patients require a sophisticated and interdisciplinary approach to care.  The goal of supporting the practitioner, treatment TEAMS and patient care is achieved through both clinical and classroom opportunities using authentic ALF foundational principles as well as new techniques and technologies.

Course Details

Pre-course electives are available on Thursday April 19th  as well as post course electives that are offered on Sunday morning the 22nd.  The main conference will be from 9am-5pm Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st with optional evening social events Friday and Saturday evenings. 

The course is located in the metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri area in the 11 South Professional Building in Columbia, Illinois which is an approximate 30 minute drive from Lambert International Airport.  

Hotel Information

A block of 60 rooms has been reserved at the Columbia Hampton Inn. in Columbia, Illinois which is less that 2 miles from the course venue.  Please call 618-281-9000 and ask for your room to be reserved under  ALF InterFACE  Conference group rate. The Hampton Inn offers complimentary breakfast, parking and wifi . 

Airport Information

Lambert International Airport in St Louis, Missouri is the nearest airport and the airport most commonly used by the major airline carriers.  

Midamerica Airport in Mascoutah, Illinois  serves customers of Allegiant Air but taxi and Uber services are limited.

ALF InterFACE 2018

InterFACE Main Session : April 20 and 22

Registration: Friday April 20 8am CST

Course: 8:30am- 5:30pm CST

Where east meets west, the clinical meets the classroom and where the conceptual meets the practical is where all of us will meet this April to share our talents, skills and knowledge.  

Darick Nordstrom DDS, the creator of the Advanced Light Force appliance will be sharing his knowledge and experience gained through years of development and use of the ALF in transformative patient care. The ALF appliance has revolutionized the role of dentistry in the scope of healthcare as we know it and has the potential for helping generations of people lead healthier, more functional lives while creating beautiful, balanced faces. The simple sophistication of the ALF family of appliances provides opportunities that surpass the expectations of both patients and providers when properly utilized by adequately trained providers in a TEAM approach to wellness. Dr. Nordstrom will bring a new level of understanding into why life is a continual cycle of development, expansion and transformation from our very first moments and through our everyday lives. He will share his knowledge of the influences of our environment as it relates to form and function in the oral environment and how the use of the ALF can be used to support improved function in the continuum of life.  Dr. Nordstrom will also be addressing the topic of interdisciplinary collaboration in cracking the complicated case with a focus on pediatric craniofacial growth and development in the context of midline awareness.  By applying ALF foundational concepts with additional techniques and technologies, he promises everyone to walk away with at least 10 new concepts to apply to your healthcare practice.  Clinical application of the concepts will be brought to life in a clinical setting with hands on patient care through lab/breakout sessions guided by volunteer instructors and trainers.  

Dr. Darick Nordstrom

The creator of the ALF appliance

 As most everyone ​is aware​​, the dental community will be represented by Dr Darick Nordstrom, the original innovator of the Advanced Lightwire Functional Appliance and the creative genius behind the concepts that guide the ALF treatment philosophy.  Providing the opportunity to facilitate the miracles associated with the use of the ALF has become a coveted skill that many want to learn but are often intimidated by the amount of training necessary to become comfortable with providing ALF therapy.  Darick's teaching methods parallel the use of the ALF itself as a analogy to the philosophy.  The use of the ALF is dynamic and integrative.  It is not a cookbook recipe and his teaching style emphasizes understanding the foundational principles of why the "wire" works and not simply how to bend the appliance to create a linear outcome as in traditional orthodontic techniques.  InterFACE 2018 will take these conceptual teachings and take them to a whole new level of understanding as we co-discover the possibilities of the continuum of the circle of life and extrapolate the differences between illness and wellness for patients susceptible to neurological challenges to create opportunities of understanding for the use of the ALF in their care. 

Lois Laynee, PhD

Lois Laynee, PhD will once again be joining us as we work together to understand the power of neurological integration with the structural opportunities for improved function.  Dr. Laynee is the founder of the Restorative Breathing Method and the original innovator of the method known as Cranial Neurosequencing.  Dr. Laynee has a highly specialized PhD in Oral Physiology and over 20 years of working in the oral and airway dimension of optimizing function through reflex integration.  She has developed a program that can help patients of all ages achieve a higher level of wellness through understanding the personal and professional benefits of optimizing autonomic nervous system function through cranial neurosequencing. 

Additional contributors to be announced

As InterFACE 2018 evolves and expands, additional speakers and contributors will be added.  Stay tuned!

And there's more...

Saturday Evening Activities

After the second day of InterFACE learning, we will change gears to once again have the opportunity to play and learn in a more social and interactive environment.  The lecture area will convert to an evening dinner venue with opportunities to gather around the instructors and the rest of the InterFACE community.  As we all share our thoughts on the lessons learned throughout the InterFACE event, we have the opportunity to immediately take what we have learned and build on our mutual experiences to create new opportunities in appliance design and use as well as new techniques and applications of technology.  The clinic and the conference center will be open throughout the evening for free-form interaction and collaboration. 

Meet me in St. Louie

As many of you might already know, St Louis is known as the Gateway to the West.  Lewis and Clark departed from this area to discover the opportunities in what the yet unknown areas of our country had to offer in search of the Pacific Ocean.  It is not a coincidence that as we embark on our own mission of discovery at InterFACE 2018 that we share the continuity of intention as co-discoverers of a new paradigm. St  Louis is known for its rich history as well as a rich culture of unique food and a friendly people.  We want to share with you the best of St Louis in our Saturday evening event with food  and beverages that our area is known for and is identified with our St Louis culture.

Pre-Course Videos and continued education credits will be available for course registrants

With so much to learn in only four days, there will be pre-recorded videos available to get everyone up to speed and on the same page for an enhanced learning experience


Comprehensive Course Tuition - Academy Level Member Licensed Provider


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Providers who hold a prescriptive license including: dentists, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, medical doctors.   Includes all course electives, tuition for the InterFACE conference, lunches, snacks and evening social events . 

Comprehensive Course Tuition


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Providers who hold a prescriptive license including: dentists, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, medical doctors.   Includes all course electives, tuition for the InterFACE conference, lunches, snacks and evening social events .  

Comprehensive Course Tuition - Supportive Therapists


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Providers who do not hold a prescriptive license yet are proving hands-on care in a clinical setting including: oral myologists, myofunctional therapists,  speech pathologists, craniosacral therapists, physical therapists and massage therapists.   Includes all course electives, tuition for the InterFACE conference, lunches, snacks and evening social events . 

Comprehensive Course Tuition - Non-Licensed Providers


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Dental assistants, business assistants, dental hygeinists not providing oral myology services, spouses and anyone not performing direct patient care in the clinical setting.  Includes all course electives, tuition for the InterFACE conference, lunches, snacks and evening social events .

Course electives-April 19 & 22

Dynamic Functional Cranial Nerve Exam - One Day Certification Course

Registration: 8am CST 

           $400 tuition                             8 CE hours 

Thursday  9AM- 6PM  We are happy to announce that we will be offering a certification course on the Laynee Dynamic Functional Cranial Nerve Exam.  Pre-course recordings provided through the Digital Chalk online educational platform will be offered and will be a pre-requisite to attending this course. 


Introduction to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and Oral Myology

Instructors to be announced

Addressing the care of the patients with special needs

Instructor to be announced

Let’s Get down to Business

Tuition Included in conference registration 

4 CE Hours

Thursday 1PM-5PM: Round table discussion of the often behind the scenes yet critically important component of documentation, patient education, appropriate referrals, informed consent and considerate patient interaction in the context of ALF therapy and the integrated health care model. This course is an opportunity for the business and clinical support teams to learn from each other and share information that benefits the provider, the support team and the patient. Topics of discussion will include: · Documentation and clinical forms · Patient education · Legal ramifications of informed consent · Considerations in effective communication related to the often complicated and sensitive nature of ALF therapy in a multi-provider approach to care     

Putting it all together

 Tuition included in conference registration 

4 CE Hours

Sunday  9AM- 12PM    Discussion on the implementation and application of concepts, skills and techniques of Neurosequencing and authentic ALF InterFACE foundational principles in your everyday life and clinical practice. Actual examples of patient care techniques and treatment sequencing will be provided in a clinical setting to further enhance your learning experience and help you to quickly and efficiently implement your new skills.   

Mapping the Sensory Cortex

$220 tuition - 5 CE hours

Sunday 8AM -1PM-   The most recent course offiering made possible by Lois Laynee is on Mapping the Sensory Cortex

The ALF InterFACE Community has a new patient friendly website!

You asked.  We listened.  We delivered.

There have been many requests for patients to have improved access to educational information from the ALF InterFACE community. 

 We hope that patients seeking the services of ALF InterFACE Professionals will take advantage of this resource and help to expand the ALF legacy in supporting  our community of providers with a unified message.

Welcome to the new ALF InterFACE Provider Website

As a result of the natural evolution in creating opportunities for interconnectedness, we are creating new avenue for ALF InterFACE education under the direction of Dr. Darick Nordstrom and his trusted collaborators.   Our  interdisciplinary ALF InterFACE Online Academy is currently under construction and promises to offer high quality, convenient and valuable authentic ALF education.   The hands-on courses will allow us to  efficiently focus on the clinical component of learning to consolidate the efforts of the classroom education provided through the convenience of online education.  We welcome your input and contributions as we grow as a community and as an elite group of ALF Therapy providers.  

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