Pre-conference elective courses designed to serve the needs of our community

Our Thursday elective options are designed to support both the providers new to our ALF InterFACE community and those who strive to continue to build on the foundation of their existing education. 

For those who are joining us to learn more about ALF Therapy prior to attending our annual ALF InterFACE conference, we welcome you to attend our Introduction to ALF Therapy Course.

For existing providers, we invite you to learn about the importance of integrating Havening techniques and therapies into your ALF Therapy practice.


Intro to ALF Therapy: Frequencies, fluids, rhythms & motion

Designed for the practitioner new to ALF Therapy

Registration: 8am

Lecture: 8:30 am-3:00 pm

Lab Module: 3 pm-5 pm

Location: The View Conference Center in the Eleven South Medical Building

 Columbia, Illinois

Lunch, snacks and beverages included


To welcome new ALF Therapy providers to our annual conference,  we will be offering a one day ALF: Foundations course as an elective on the day before InterFACE 2019.  Dr. Angie Tenholder and Dr. Darick Nordstrom will be sharing some of the principles of ALF Therapy as well as ensuring that course and conference participants have the common language of Authentic ALF Therapy prior to joining the more experienced providers at the intense 2 day conference.

***The hands-on instruction available during the 2 day ALF: Foundations course will not be available for the 1 day InterFACE Foundations elective. 

For registration please contact Jamie at

This one day overview of ALF Therapy principles and practices is helpful for those who are just getting familiar with the concepts that will be shared at InterFACE 2019.

The content contained in this one day overview of ALF Therapy is delivered in more detail in a two day hands-on course offered through the ALF InterFACE Academy, Inc.

As a bonus, this course will also serve to explain the principles that are shared and synergistic between ALF Therapy and the Havening technique.  Unlike the Havening presentation at the conference, the Thursday elective will provide the opportunity for a more intimate and hands on experience with Havening and its relevancy to the OraLase technique, ALF Therapy clinical patient care and personal transformation

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Information on the two day ALF Foundations course is available by clicking on the tab below

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Layers of Tissue - Levels of Understanding

Location: 11 South Professional Building Columbia, Illinois  3rd Floor (Synergy Dental Solutions)

Dr. Darick Nordstrom will instruct on the techniques that he has developed to provide safe and effective release of tethered oral tissues  while respecting and honoring the principles of surgical intervention and wound closure.  

In addition,  he will share the  clinical methods helpful for neurologic integration and soft tissue fascial releases using the  Nightlase, OraLase and HINSLR techniques.

Dr. Angela Tenholder, Dr. Scott Neish and Dick Linde from Fotona will be assisting Dr. Nordstrom in the hands-on portion of the course.

To optimize our time spent in the clinic, all registered participants will be provided with and required to watch  pre-course online lecture material to prepare them for the hands-on portion of the course.

Intimate groups will have full viewing access to live patient care using both the Lightwalker and XLase lasers from Fotona.

Two group sessions will be offered: 

3-5 pm- Several Spots Remaining


 5:30-7:30 pm- THIS TIME SLOT IS FULL!

Registration for each group will be held 30 minutes prior to the course unless arranged in advance.

Registration for elective courses

Intro to ALF Therapy and Havening Principles


Course size limited to the first 100 registrants.  

Licensed Providers  $300

Assistants and clinical team members $150

Layers of tissue, Levels of Understanding


Pre-requisites required

Group 1:  3-5 pm  

Group 2: 5:30-7:30pm 

 To register for this course you must contact Jamie at Each group will be strictly limited to 9. Registration is on a first come first serve basis. Only a total of 18 participants will be accepted.

$400 per participant - Doctors only


Intro to ALF Therapy Licensed Provider


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Intro to ALF Therapy TEAM Member


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Layers of Tissue, Levels of Understanding- email jamie at

myo munchee workshop


This is a great opportunity for you to learn about Myo Munchee!  Dr. Mary Bourke and Dr. Dan Hanson will be joining us here in the states for InterFACE 2019.   What can you expect from this elective? 


Learning Outcomes from this Course:

  • Understand exact protocols for using Myo Munchee within professional scope and condition types, including condition management for: myofunctional and soft tissue disorders, sleep and breathing disorders, the special needs population, oral hygiene and dental conditions, and older populations 
  • Understand Munchee sizing, what to use & when, and how to work with age group needs
  • Take away practical applications for the Munchee you can “use on Monday”