Thursday Elective

Designed for the practitioner new to ALF Therapy

Thursday 8:30 am-3pm followed by Lab module 3pm-5pm

Location: Eleven South Medical Bulding

This one day overview of ALF Therapy principles and practices is helpful for those who are just getting familiar with the concepts that will be shared at InterFACE 2019.

The content contained in this one day overview of ALF Therapy is delivered in more detail in a two day hands-on course offered through the ALF InterFACE Academy.  

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Information on the two day ALF 101 course is available by clicking on the tab below

Thursday 9-5 pm

Instructed by Kate Truitt, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY26309)
Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner & Trainer
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

The focus of the seminar  is on what would be most useful for practitioners/clinicians who are not specifically mental health practitioners and provide psychotherapeutic services but who do work with patients who experience emotional dysregulation, present with symptoms of panic/fear/etc, as well as those with trauma presentations. The goal is to support practitioners to develop the skills to provide interceptive Havening assistance for their patients as they work out a referral to a seasoned practitioner to continue the care.  To this end, the seminar will focus bringing together the Havening Techniques and brain science to teach practitioner applied interventions for patients, interventions for patients to use at home, as well as developing a personal program for self-healing and Brain Resilience. In addition to the practicum and application components, the seminar content will teach an accessible framework for understanding the impact of trauma on brain functioning 

Layers of Tissue - Levels of Understanding

Thursday 3-8pm

Dr. Darick Nordstrom will instruct on the techniques that he has developed to provide safe and effective release of tethered oral tissues  while respecting and honoring the principles of surgical intervention and wound closure.  

In addition,  he will share the  clinical methods helpful for neurologic integration and soft tissue fascial releases using the  Nightlase, OraLase and HINSLR techniques.

Intimate groups of 4-6 will have full viewing access to live patient care using both the Lightwalker and XLase lasers from Fotona.