Sunday Course Electives

Sunday Option 1

Laynee Mapping the Sensory Cortex

Sunday April 22 9am-1pm

What would happen if your doorbell opened your garage door?  

Using that analogy as a parallel to human function, we can explain the concept of mismapping.  If an electrical impulse is misdirected or “mismapped” as a result of a cranial nerve injury, the body may be misinterpreting the signal resulting in pain or dysfunction.

Once you have developed a Dynamic Functional Cranial Nerve Baseline there are 12 steps needed to activate optimal mapping so that the body can properly respond to a stimulus.  The core of principle that will be carefully explained is that a patient can only be mismapped if the patient has been injured in a cranial nerve dimension.  These interruptions and/or traumatic events result in central sensitization injuries as well as regional chronic pain syndromes. 

The course will include case presentations with 3D CBCT imaging and study models to allow visualization of anatomical twists as well as to explain treatment restrictions and limitations from a structural dimension.  Students will learn to apply the concepts of neurological mismapping to anatomical structures, the potential correlations of mismapping to reflex patterning as well as to their implications to autonomic function.  Anyone who wants to volunteer to be a class demonstration "patient" needs to submit all relevant information and PSG to  There will be a limit of 12 class demonstration participants so don’t delay if you would like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! 

Sunday Option 2

Team Members… YOU are the hub of a successful dental practice and aligning with your dentist’s expertise is critical to providing high-level patient care. 

Linking the most progressive healthcare providers, driving awareness to the importance of craniofacial growth & development and its effect on the whole body.

Sunday April 22 8am- 1pm

No tuition required.

Donations accepted for the not for profit FACES (Foundation for Advanced Craniofacial Eclectic Studies) organization set up by Dr. Darick Nordstrom as well as the FACE (Foundation for Craniofacial Excellence) organization operated by Julia Worrall RN.

 We recognize the challenges of implementing new concepts once returning to your practice. Continued advancement in the field of collaborative healthcare needs to be supported. Our courses smoothly and efficiently integrate the Provider’s high level expertise with the team’s Standard of Excellence, elevating the overall efficiency and reputation of the entire practice. We employ powerful educational techniques through engaging lectures, interactive communication and leadership along with therapeutic conversational skills 

Let's tap into your team’s power, drive, and collaborative skills to bring this life-saving knowledge to the forefront of medicine and dentistry! 

8:00  Welcome to ALL Team Members

8:30  The hygienist's role: Wellness Driven Dentistry 

10:00  Break  

10:30  Are YOU an Agent of Change? 

11:45  Light Lunch 

12:00  Taking it to the Streets! 

1:00   Dismissal