InterFACE 2018 Conference Agenda - Main Session

ALF InterFACE 2018 Conference Agenda

Heads. Hearts. Obstacles. Opportunities.

Friday morning

Angie Tenholder DMD, FAACP, DABCDSM– Welcome and Opening Statements

Darick Nordstrom, DDS - Introduction of the Unifying Theme: From Survivor to Creator: the pervasiveness of developmental and traumatic Adverse Childhood Events; their influence throughout life; identifying them, and Power of the InterFACE TEAM in transforming pain and vulnerability into Resilience, Strength, and Genius

Lois Laynee-  Introduction to the importance of neurologic integration in special needs population and demonstration of Lois dance and integration through movement 

Darick Nordstrom DDS - The unique capacity of our ALF InterFACE community to identify and successfully address the specialized needs of the pediatric population.

Hila Robbins DMD – The office TEAM approach in identifying and treating pediatric patients with post-natal birth trauma

Darick Nordstrom DDS- Providing specialized treatment for special needs patients with practical examples, including biometric assessments, treatment sequencing suggestions, orchestrating TEAMwork between providers, appliance selection and home tools.

Ways in which the TEAM can use: MyoBrace, MyoMunchie, OrthoTain/Healthy Start as well as useful and inexpensive tools that are available online. 

How the TEAM can use or teach patients: RezziMax Tuner (plus modifications), Chin-Up, US Jaclean ‘jiggler’ (lymphatic/glymphatic pump and vagal toner), PowerPlate, Saliva Test Strips, etc.

Useful ways to measure the patient’s ability to reach maximal function by combining nutritional awareness with reflex integration and guided facial growth

How the TEAM can choose and use Biometric Recorders, (daytime, night-time, episodic, ongoing/lifestyle)

Lunch and Hands-On Exploration and Application

Friday Afternoon

Darick Nordstrom DDS- Structural and Functional Restrictions, Treatment Sequencing, Coordination and Options

Valerie Sinkus PT - The challenges and implications of identifying, contexting and treatment-sequencing structural and functional restrictions in the pediatric patient with midline abnormalities. The interconnected web of fascia, the tongue, frenulae, proprioception, and peristalsis.

Darick Nordstrom DDS -  Discusion of fascial interconnectedness and proprioception in appliance selection, design and sequencing.  Introduction of new and future technologies to enhance fascial release and integration

Introduction to HINSLR (High Intensity Non-Surgical Laser Release) and its application in trauma and sleep as well as utilization in surgical mode for frenuloplasty to reach deeper restrictions.  Introduction of the plan for research into Oralase for children using similar technology.

Angie Tenholder DMD– Conclusion remarks on Day 1, invitation for Happy Hour and to explore the Collaborative Learning Centers on the 3rd floor


5 pm - Happy Hour - Hands-On Exploration of the Collaborative Partnership Learning Centers

Apply and Discuss concept and integration into clinical practice

6:30 pm - Friday Evening Event - Friday Fiesta with Friends


Saturday Morning

Lois Laynee:  The relevance of understanding and applying the principles of neurologic function as related to acquired and interrupted reflex patterning and cranial nerve sequencing/mapping dysfunction. 

Darick Nordstrom DDS -  The potential for web-based interconnectedness in distributed research and active problem-solving.  Discussion on  developing research projects through the power of our ALF Therapy community and advancement in fulfilling the mission of InterFACE.  Introduction to the levels of certification available through the ALF InterFACE Academy.

Victoria Wright RDH, OMT-  Experiences in the integration of Laynee techniques, D Smile and myofunctional therapy in awakening and sustaining the body’s NIR (Natural Integration Response) in traumatized children and adults

Darick Nordstrom DDS -  Cross-training within our TEAMS to enhance our synergy and need to heal the healers.  The power of distributed learning and the power of community knowledge.

Saturday Lunch and Hands-On Exploration and Experimentation in the Collaborative Learning Centers


Saturday Afternoon

Darick Nordstrom DDS -  Roles for TEAM member synergy, beyond degrees ... 

Charlie Beck DO, FAAO -  The cranial mechanism as the womb of the vulnerable, yet pluripotent brain. The effect of the cranial mechanism on the treatment of children as they progress to adulthood in the context of midline related developmental disorders and/or traumatic injuries. The Osteopath as harmonizer and advocate: tales from the trenches and perspectives for the future.

Darick Nordstrom DDS -  Concluding remarks - Choosing to invoke the universal law of Mutual Commitment in accessing the knowledge and power we need for unique or challenging cases. Our promise to the children and future.

Angie Tenholder DMD – Farewell and welcome to the future of ALF Therapy and our important role in helping create a brighter future for all children

5 pm - Happy Hour and Interactive Education in the Collaborative Partnership Learning Centers


6:30 Saturday Evening Event – Meet Me in St Louie