2019 ALF InterFACE Main Session


Conference Agenda


Friday  June 14th  - 9 AM-12 PM

Developing a common language in the medical-dental interface:  Angela Tenholder and Julia Worrall

Introduction to the core principles that define integrative and innovative healthcare while elaborating on the importance of understanding the mental-dental connection.

InterFACE 2019 Concepts and Precepts: Darick Nordstrom

The role of ALF Therapy as a powerful tool in enhancing neurologic function, creating resilience and supporting function.

Friday  June 14th - 1 PM-5:30 PM

Three Simple Steps to improve your patients' sleep:   Stasha Gominak, MD:    Exploring the complexities of how sleep, nutrient balance and the gut microbiome are intimately interrelated to overall health and optimal  neurologic function. 

Levels, Layers, Principles and Procedures: Darick Nordstrom, Angela Tenholder and Dianah Davidson

The language of the whole body is proprioception.  There are many layers of knowledge surrounding the currently understood and the future of the understanding of the complexities of form vs function in the dimension of oral myology.

Understanding the principles of physiology will affect the decisions in the treatment and release options for restricted oral tissues.   The critical components involved in the sequencing of the treatment modalities involved in a comprehensive approach to patient care should be carefully considered before making the irreversible treatment decisions associated with surgical labial or lingual frenum releases

This presentation will present a principle based dialogue which will address the common techniques and controversial topics in the treatment and release of restricted oral tissues while offering a comparison and contrast between surgical release options including various diode and CO2 lasers as well  as the more traditional scissor/suture techniques.   The presentation will include an introduction to the High Intensity Non-Surgical Laser Release (HINSLR) and OraLase techniques.

Saturday June 15th  - 8 AM - 12PM

Introduction to Havening:   Kate Truitt, PhD

The resilient brain and the impact of craniofacial wellness in the context of neurologic function and emotional well-being

Understanding ACE's and Covering our Bases:  Darick Nordstrom 

Understanding the impact of adverse childhood events (ACE's) on neurologic function: How an effective dental-medical interface can influence the treatment of movement and sleep disorders

Saturday  June 15th -   1 PM - 5:30 PM

From Moving Teeth to Opening Minds :

Airway, Neurology, Physiology and Practicality:  The relevance of the evolution of orthodontics into the dimension of function.

Digging Deep and Expanding Horizons:

Panel discussion featuring the thought leaders in the field of airway, neurologic  and movement disorder focused dental therapies.

Concluding remarks: Angela Tenholder and Darick Nordstrom