Measuring what truly matters: Form, Function and Physiology

Conference Agenda

Friday April 3

8:00  Registration

9:00  Welcome and Introduction to Presenters, Themes and Concepts 

Dr. Angie Tenholder

10:00 Break in exhibit area

10:30  ALF Therapy: Simultaneously addressing function and form in craniofacial development

Dr. Darick Nordstrom

12:00 Lunch

1:00 The Role of CBCT Imaging: Distinguishing structural from functional assessments in the context of airway and skeletal analysis

Dr. Dania Tamimi

3:00 Break in exhibit area

3:30 Addressing oral midline restrictions: Understanding the role and treatment of the mandibular labial tendon, buccopharyngeal and sublingual fascia 

Dr. Angie Tenholder and Nicole Edwin 

5:00 Convocation: Introductions to ALF InterFACE Board and presentations to honorees 

Saturday April 4

9:00 Documentation of TMJ sound and function using Myotronics K7 technology

Dr. Darick Nordstrom

10:30  Break in exhibit area

11:00 Digital assessments of dental function: Heart Rate Variability and Digital Occlusal Analysis

Digital assessments of sleep function: Cardiopulmonary Coupling and GemPro

Dr. Darick Nordstrom

12:30  Lunch

1:30 A Tale of Two Doctors: Combining the principles of osteopathy and dentistry as both patients and providers

Dr. Charles Beck and Dr. Angie Tenholder

3:00 Break in exhibit area

3:30 Panel discussion - Keeping it real and bringing it home - InterFACE 2020 Faculty and conference participants

5:00   Concluding remarks


To complement the ALF InterFACE learning experience, there are exciting electives offered before and after the main conference.