Assistants and Supportive Team Courses

A course designed to support the team that supports the doctor


Clinical and Business Supportive Teamwork and Training Course

Friday and Saturday 8:30-4:00

Rotating sessions between the following stations:

Station 1 - Quality starts with Hello – The role of the business team in coordinating communication between patient, doctor and clinical team. Pastoral Medical Association video/documents, informed consents, brochures, ALF Therapy website review, coordination with Interdisciplinary Treatment TEAMS

Station 2Making good first impressions – The role of the clinical team in caring for the needs of the patient while supporting the goals of Comprehensive ALF Therapy. Includes advanced training in inserting and adjusting ALF NLA, Nordic positioner, ALF-FR, Power Plate utilization, Myobrace, Myomunchee and record taking, 

Station 3 In office lab techniques to supplement and compliment the efficiency in the ALF Therapy office –  The importance of providing in-office lab services to support and enhance ALF Therapy. Training on fabrication of ALF NLA, Nordic Positioner, ALF – FR, electrosoldering, hot air soldering, Essix and acrylic based appliance fabrication and repair, laboratory communication and requirements

Station 4Advanced training in the use of biometrics, techniques and tools - Empowering the assistant and hygienist to gather meaningful data to improve the quality of patient care while streamlining and enhancing clinical efficiency. Includes training on: Heart Rate Variability, SleepImage, GemPro, Empatica, Pulse oximetry, range of motion assessments, craniometer assessment, Rezzimax tuner instruction, salivary testing and other useful delegatable duties to en

Sunday April 22nd 8am-1pm

No tuition required.

Donations accepted for the not for profit FACES (Foundation for Advanced Craniofacial Eclectic Studies) organization set up by Dr. Darick Nordstrom as well as the FACE (Foundation for Craniofacial Excellence) organization operated by Julia Worrall RN.

Instructors: Cyndee Johnson, RDH and Julia Worrall, RN

Team Members….... YOU are the hub of a successful dental practice and aligning with your dentist’s expertise is critical to providing high-level patient care

 Please join us as we strive in linking the most progressive healthcare providers, driving awareness to the importance of craniofacial growth & development and its effect on the whole body.